My journey to joining the world of Voice Over started over 30 years ago, well before I ever knew that working as a voice over artist was a profession I could pursue.

Back in 1976, when everyone was celebrating America’s 200th birthday, I was supplementing my reading of 1776 history with history of the 1930s. I loved reading about the early days of the FBI, all of the amazing events and especially about the popularity of radio. I still remember the surge of adrenalin when I heard a recording of Herb Morrison’s eye-witness description of the crash of the Hindenburg.

But what really caught my imagination was a tv show on PBS about The Mercury Theater’s broadcast of the Orson Welles adaption of the War of the Worlds. When I saw the re-enactment of how they made it happen, how they convinced normally rational adults that the world was under attack by invaders from Mars, and then the scandal it caused….I was hooked! As I grew up I still remembered the War of the Worlds broadcast and even came to love the 1950’s movie version. But I still didn’t know that I could be a voice that could influence or entertain.

Flash Forward to 2009 and I am consulting with a web company, helping out with their discussion boards. One evening while monitoring my discussion board, I called into a radio shows to answer a trivia question. Once the call screener put me through, I introduced myself and the host told me to stop and introduce myself again. As requested, I did,  and he stopped me again and told me that I should be doing voiceover work. To say I was shocked is an understatement but then I thought about it.

I found myself intrigued. Over the next 11 years I looked for teachers and eventually found an amazing teacher and then another. And here I am! I can’t wait to see what the next 20 years bring on this journey into a new career. Hopefully if you are reading this you will be part of that journey.