At the very heart of communications is a voice. When content is written for a corporate website, it is said to be written with the company’s voice. The same is true for a book, written in the voice of the author.

When it comes time to convert the written word to spoken word, the speaker works very hard to speak with the voice with which the written word was defined.

Prior to embarking on my career as a voiceover talent, I had a long career in corporate and consultative marketing where I created the written content that spoke with the company’s voice. When I spoke at events or provided voiceover for various projects for my employers and clients alike, I did so in the voice that was required. Whether it is a corporate promotional or explainer video, a long form project that requires narration, or an e-learning module, I am confident in my ability to adapt my voice to your ‘voice’ to help you create your desired goal.