On-hold with Whoggga LLC

Posted on June 3, 2021Comments Off on On-hold with Whoggga LLC

I recently completed recording and creating an on-hold message loop for Whogga LLC, a new Long Island-based startup focused on elevating the concept of business networking to a new level. As this project was beyond the usual scope that a voiceover performer deals with, it was a challenge I readily accepted.


The initial conversation with head Whogggees Adam Holtzer and Greg Pajak covered what their goals were and what they were looking for in a series of messages. They presented me with a tentative script for five different messages and an overview of what Whoggga was all about. As the target market for this new venture are the Long Island business communities of Nassau and Suffolk counties, both rich with a diverse mix of established businesses and a growing number of start-ups, I knew that I could use a more professional version of my natural New York urban accent.

As I reviewed the scripts, I saw a number of edits that could be made to ensure the conversational tone they were looking for. I offered my services as a copy-editor and they happily accepted. After making some tweaks for the desired conversational tone as well as creating an improved flow to the messaging, I proceeded with recording in my home studio. Once done, and after the recordings were edited to ensure a clean, quality sound, they were presented to the client for review, possible changes and eventual approval. With a few more tweaks, we arrived at the point that the loop could be created.

Being a lean startup, the client asked if I could create the final loop of all five messages and add appropriate background music. While it was an out of the ordinary request, I jumped at the chance to spread my wings a bit further and add some another arrow to my creative quiver. As I normally record my voiceover in TwistedWave, I needed another audio editing package to get the project across the finish line. In this case, I chose GarageBand for its ease of use for an amateur like me, its easy learnability and the fact that it was already on my Macbook!

The client loved the results, I am pretty proud myself! Take a listen to the loop below!

Five Message On-Hold Loop for Whoggga LLC, create by Rob Carbone Voice Over