Rob Carbone has recorded several voice overs for different businesses and non-profits I have worked with. I’ve recommended Rob for his talented voice, his professionalism and his marketing brain. Rob gets it when it comes to tonality, speed, content and flow.

The first voice over project I recommended Rob for was a non-profit on Long Island. They were filming a commercial and needed someone to narrate the commercial. Rob was the perfect person for the job. He was helpful in guiding the non-profit in the right direction, as well he “hit the nail on the head,” the client said.

Recently I had the pleasure of recommending Rob to a project for a start-up called whoggga. Being a new brand with a cultural identity, Rob was able to approach whoggga with the level of gravitas needed. Robs voice over for the phone on hold message is friendly, upbeat, sassy and clear. Rob was able to nail down every request from the business with how they wanted the voice over to sound. Working with Rob first hand on these projects I can confidently say that he was the right person for the job.

I endorse Rob and his talents, he is a pleasure to work with, he is talented, and most of all he wants you to be happy with his work. Rob is an artist that has a true passion for what he delivers.