Don’t Forget the Lemon Peel

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Those who know me best know I prefer espresso over other coffee and that I prefer to make it in a traditional stovetop Moka pot. I caught the espresso bug in my early 20s and have been addicted ever since. But over the last ten to fifteen years, something has been missing.

I originally thought it was sugar as I was diagnosed with diabetes back in 2005. But a few years ago, I started using agave nectar. But that wasn’t it. I tried different brands of coffee as I could just be getting more sensitive to the different beans used and roasting methods. But that also wasn’t it. Then I remembered that when I first started drinking espresso it was usually after a meal and they always served it with a slice of lemon peel.

So, I picked up a few lemons and prepped some peels for my morning coffee. Once it was ready and I poured my first cup. Picking up a slice of peel, I gave it a twist to release the oils in the skin, it hit me like a bolt of lightning from the past! The coffee tasted amazing, exactly like it did the first time I tried and fell in love with espresso. Five cups and five slices of peel later and the pot was finished, and I was not only satisfied but refreshed.

So, what does this have to do with marketing? Simple.

Unless you have only been marketing less than six months, you have probably moved on from a certain message or theme that worked in a previous marketing push. Perhaps it was in an email or a social media post. And while the eyes that were looking at you at the time have already seen that message, but the newer eyes have not, so it still may have some value for you.

Of course, the question is how to pivot to re-use a message without it being a repeat for some of your audience. The answer is simple.

If you are using an Email Service Provider or ESP, you can segment lists based on when the contacts were added and what messaging they have seen. Simply filter your mailing list for the new message to leads that were from a specific point in time to the present. That way new eyes are seeing what is essentially a new message.

If it is a social media post, you can reshare it and add content in the re-share about how a good message never gets old or goes out of style. The people who may have seen it once will have the message reinforced (never a bad thing) and the new eyes will see it for the first time.

So, remember, don’t forget the lemon peel!

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