What’s Past is Prologue

Posted on June 12, 2020Comments Off on What’s Past is Prologue

A marketing refugee in the VO world shares.

In Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Antonio states that “What’s past is prologue”, referring to what led himself and Sebastian to commit murder. In common parlance, this phrase has many meanings but the most common is that what you have done in the past all leads to a point when you make a change or a decision that may have a profound effect on the lives of yourself or others.

When I began seriously pursuing a career in voiceover, I was also in the process of moving away from a 25+ year career as a marketing professional. I like to refer to myself as a marketing refugee (sometime a marketing escapee) but I do realize that I learned a lot and can use much of it as I move forward.

During my training with Linda Bruno of Voiceover Gurus, we talked about where I was coming from. Part of the training with Linda includes marketing but the more I shared, Linda realized that I did not need marketing training. Eventually, as we talked in each session, Linda asked me to be on her Voiceover Guru’s podcast as marketing tends to be a blind spot for voiceover talent, especially those pursuing opportunities that are not voice acting in broadcast advertising or animation.

We did a session but because I was sharing so much that Linda suggested a second session, which we did. I recently listened to them again and I thought I would share here. Funny thing in listening is that my old URL is mentioned, which I really liked but I am glad I changed to the new URL as it is branded and will keep me free of any copyright or trademark issues.

In looking back and in listening to these podcasts I have shared, I realize that my past is the prologue to what I am doing now. And I could not be happier. I hope that what I have learned and what I shared in these podcasts, as well as my other blogs and content, is helpful for others in the VO worlds and perhaps in other small businesses.

So, here are links to Parts 1 & 2, I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions about anything I discuss, feel free to reach out either through the form on thus site or to my email at [email protected].

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